Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Heart

Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Heart

Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Heart

Those with heart-shaped faces can keep it sweet with all types of sunglasses. Whether you turn it up with a tort or round it out with a circular frame, you'll have plenty of options, including prescription glasses. So what is a heart-shaped face, and how can you style it with the just-right eyewear? Read ahead for the deets. 

What Is My Face Shape?

Faces come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Knowing your face shape can help you amp up your specs appeal and find head-turning frames. 

Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces essentially follow an inverted triangle silhouette. The forehead is the widest part of the face, while the chin is the narrowest—which roughly follows a heart outline. Frames with patterns, such as trendy torts, draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones on a heart-shaped face. If you're on the lookout for a bold shape, squares and rounds can provide a balancing contrast to a pointed jawline. 

  • Square: Square faces are all about angular features, pairing well with contrasting round glasses or complementing square frames. 

  • Round: Round faces are as wide as they are long. Frames with straight lines help balance the face's soft silhouette. 

  • Oval: Oval faces are similar to round faces, but they're longer than they're wide. Like round faces, they also look great in frames featuring straight lines. 

  • Smaller: Size matters, so that's why we also carry minis and scaled-down frames.

Best Sunglasses for a Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces can easily have all eyes on them since they can werk a wide range of frames. So how can you find a fit to your heart's desire? Here are our top recs. 

A female model wearing QUAY NOOSA Cat Eye sunglasses in front of a pastel green backdrop

Tortoiseshell: NOOSA

Give them heart eyes with trendy torts. Bold patterns such as torts draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones while bringing flair to every fit. Embrace the tort style with NOOSA, a modern take on the classic cat eye with a chic patterned frame and brown lenses. The bold injection frame will level up your OOTD and have you looking timelessly cool. Wear it with your everyday looks for a little something extra, or use it to give your off-duty fits a pop. 

A female model wearing QUAY HARDWIRE RX prescription glasses and posing in front of a light brown backdrop

Modified Square: HARDWIRE

Frame your heart-shaped face with a tapered silhouette that's a little different from a straightforward square. It's all in the deets: The trapezoid shape of HARDWIRE, where the top is slightly wider than the bottom, complements the wider forehead on a heart-shaped face. It's a wardrobe go-to with a durable injection frame, metal hinge temples, and polarized lenses. Don't hesitate to HARDWIRE your time in the sun with some shade, no matter if you're hitting the road or lounging at the beach. 

A female model in a grey top with gold necklaces wearing QUAY ODIN sunglasses

Round: ODIN

Heart-shaped faces also slay it in circular frames. This stylish silhouette is incredibly versatile for channeling that retro-cool feel. To have them do a double-take, flex it in ODIN, a circular frame with aviator elements such as a luxe brow bar and molded nose bridge. It'll amp your outfit with a vintage vibe—add drip, and you'll be good to go. 

Which Frames to Avoid 

If you've got a heart-shaped face, you can flex a wide range of frames. But if you're wondering which frames you might want to avoid, consider skipping the rimless style, which might not pop out as much on a heart-shaped face. That said, you know your face best. Don't be afraid to follow your heart and experiment with different styles. Use our Virtual Try-On Tool to determine your face shape and find the just-right shades. There are plenty of versatile frames out there for every face shape, including premium style with luxe deets. 

Want frames that'll have your heart skipping a beat? Find swoonworthy sunglasses and glasses for heart-shaped faces at Quay.

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