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Quay was born roadside on the festival circuit, surrounded by artists and attendees who inspired us to create affordable, well-constructed, cool sunnies. So it's only fitting we kick off this new blog series during the launch of this year's lineup. Design Is Quay takes people behind-the-scenes of new collections.

Making the perfect festival 'play'list is an art. Our secret? Quay's in-house product designersthe people behind the statement-making sunnies and buzz worthy blue light glasses everyone will be wearing this festival season.


The design process starts by identifying key runway trend and deconstructing them for the Quay customer based on what they see on their feed, in stores, and on the streets.

Cyborg Chic is all about structural shapes that shout 'look at me now' while Vintage Oasis features softer, romantic lenses and lines that say something's in the air.

From trend-spotting and color forecasting to making mood boards and sketching, each pair is thoughtfully designed knowing they are an extension of expression that enhance the vibe. Festival looks are edgier, riskierpeople are going there to be seenso our range of styles is a little more extra.


Our focus this year was on electric neons, retro rounds, statement shields, and sunset lenses sure to take any festival outfit center stage. You'll be ready to face the music in new styles and extended colorways of fan favorites.


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Back in August, we partnered with Chrissy Teigen to launch our Education is Quay campaign and give ten members of our community the opportunity to win a $10k scholarship to support their educational goals and fuel their dreams. Self-expression is at the core of everything we do, so we wanted to hear how you express yourself. Self-expression doesn’t always mean being the loudest or flashiest, it means embracing every side of yourself—so we challenged you to show us what you’ve got.

And our Quay Squad brought it. From poetry, to songwriting, to coding for a cause—we reviewed thousands of applications from the US, to Australia, to New Zealand. We laughed, we cried, we loved. And we had the privilege of awarding scholarship grants to ten of these exceptional applicants. Check out the video below to get to know some of our incredible winners, and feel all the feels.




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featured q/a

Original vs Minis: What’s the difference

We love an oversized sunnies moment, but sometimes the outfit or occasion doesn’t call for a shade blocking shield. 

Whether you’re looking to add a more everyday pair of sunnies to your wardrobe or you have a smaller face shape, you don’t always have to go big. That’s where our minis come in.

Minis are the styles you know and love, like HARDWIRE, but sized down to flatter more face shapes and show off another side to your selfie.

Check out some of our fave mini styles in sunnies and bluelight, and see if you can spot the difference.

Hardwire Mini: Height: 45mm Width: 142mm  |  Hardwire OG: Height: 50mm Width: 147mm 

HARDWIRE MINI is the same easy-to-wear, classic square shape that makes them one of our bestsellers—just sized down in every way for a smaller face or just a smaller fit. On the flip side, if you often find glasses too small for your face, our OG sizes are great for bigger faces or those who prefer a larger fit. And the cherry on top—HARDWIRE or HARDWIRE MINI blue light frames are prescription-ready, so you can take them to your optometrist and have your prescription put in. 


All In Mini: Height: 52mm Width:144 |  All In OG: Height: 56mm Width: 151mm

Have you always wanted an aviator shape, but the size stops you from adding to cart? Try ALL IN MINI. Going small never looked so good. 


(L) THE PLAYA OG Height: 54mm Width: 147mm | (R) THE PLAYA MINI Height: 54mm Width: 147mm

Players need mini frames too, and that’s why we love THE PLAYA MINI. They keep all the mega glam style you want from an aviator shape without going too big or heavy. 


Mini: Height: 48mm Width: 146mm | Regular: Height: 51mm Width: 145mm

Or are you after a pair of cat eye sunnies that put an exclamation point on your outfit without overwhelming you? Put on REINA MINI. This modern take on the cat eye packs all the sass of REINA, but is scaled down, and perfect to wear everyday.

Want to be sure minis are for you? Take our face shape quiz, or stop by your local Quay shop to see them IRL. 




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featured q/a

Boss Talk with Quay CEO Jodi Bricker


Jodi + her daughters

Q/A has been a mark of the Quay Australia brand for years. And it’s more than just our initials—it’s what we stand for. So, we’re checking in with some of the coolest people we know to walk a mile in their shades + get a fresh perspective on some of the topics we think are worth talking about.

This time around, we’re chatting with someone who inspires us daily. Meet Jodi Bricker, CEO of Quay Australia. We’re lucky enough to soak up inspiration from her on the reg, and we want to send a little bit of that magic your way.


Who are you?

First and foremost—I am a mom of two teenaged daughters, and I live in the Bay Area. I’m originally from the Midwest, but I’ve been in California since college, and I’m a hybrid of both places. I grew up as a competitive athlete, so I love pushing myself and reaching for personal bests. And I am the CEO of Quay, which is quite possibly the most fun I’ve ever had at work, and I’m so grateful to be a part of the brand.


We love a boss, let’s talk more about that. What’s the most important thing that you do at work?

I set the vision, mission, and overall direction of Quay. I try to inspire our teams to create and deliver in a way that solves problems for our customers and makes them happy!  My background is in product, branding, retail, and digital—but I spend most of my time with people. Listening to our customers in our stores and on social media, coaching the teams at Quay, and connecting the dots along the way. I work to create and maintain a culture and working environment at Quay that inspires everyone to become their best self and do their best work.


Quay team members


And where do you seek inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere. Not just in eyewear, fashion, or retail—I see the world from a consumer perspective everywhere I look, and I always have my antennae up. I try as much as possible to be in different cities and environments observing people, patterns, and trends. LA and Miami are amazing for sunnies attitude and lifestyle inspiration. Merci in Paris is one of my favorite retail spots because it’s a hybrid store—part café, part vintage art installations, fashion, and home décor.

 I’m currently obsessed with Glossier and Outdoor Voices—of-the-moment brands founded by women. I am also 100% drawn to the outdoors—my favorite places in the Bay Area are Stinson beach, Mt. Tam in Marin, Hayes Valley and the Mission neighborhoods in San Francisco, and local restaurants and shops in Berkeley and Oakland.


Stinson Beach—one of Jodi’s favorite places to soak up inspiration


What exactly do you like to read?

Anything involving a story and storytelling. Books, articles, news, and Twitter everyday to get mentally sparked and stay on top of what’s going on.  I’m currently reading the book Sapiens…A Brief History of Humankind. I love documentaries and podcasts and am currently listening to “How I built this” on my commutes.  

In general, I’m someone who’s really curious and interested in what people think, what people do, and how they behave. All of this informs how we think about our products at Quay and the role our brand can play in people’s lives.


Self-expression is such an important part of Quay’s brand identity. What does that mean to you?

Self-expression is having a certain sense of who you are at your core, and owning that, and being willing to be vulnerable with sharing that with the world. I also don’t believe there is a finish line in life. Humans are constantly evolving, so for me, self-expression and exploration are tools for accessing personal growth.


Self-expression can feel easier said than done sometimes. What piece of advice would you give to someone trying to manage beauty standards and expectations online while owning their self-expression?

l feel grateful that I’d already developed my sense of self and had my value system in place before social media blew up. While I think it can be an incredible source of inspiration, it can also be mean-spirited and cause anxiety. My advice would be to make sure that you aren’t letting social media be a part of forming your sense of self. Go form that on your own, use social media as an amplifier.


How do you continue to express yourself personally?

The biggest thing is pushing myself out of my comfort zone—trying new things and going to new places. It can be as small as wearing a bold pair of red glasses to turn up my outfit or much bigger—like trying fly fishing for the first time (I loved it) or taking a leap into a new job. I believe that every time we try something new and push the edge a little bit, we realize we have more depth, range, and ability than we give ourselves credit.


Expressing her selflie with different sunnies style


Do you consider yourself a role model, and how do you handle that responsibility?

I don’t wake up every day thinking, “I’m going to be a role model today,” but I’m conscious of the fact that many people in my life count on me to do the right thing and want to be inspired. I hold myself to high standards—particularly as it relates to my roles as a mom and a female leader.

It’s very important to me that I walk the talk for my daughters, so through that filter I ask myself—am I showing up as a kind person? As someone who is learning, evolving, taking risks, and being open minded and vulnerable?  It’s a journey, and I am a constant work in progress.


We agree—you are a role model and a total boss. How do you balance your own self-care, being a mother, AND having such a big career?  

I try to think about it more as a concept of flow vs balance. I find it’s easier when I integrate my work and life instead of strictly thinking in terms of balance, which feels like a relentless scorecard. Life is incredibly dynamic and always evolving. Some weeks, work requires more of my time, and other weeks, my family needs me, or I need to put myself first. I start with being clear on what’s important: my health and wellbeing, my kids, partner and family, friends, work, learning and growing, contributing to the world.  With this in mind, I try to make work a holistic part of my entire life.


Jodi + her two daughters at high school graduation

We’ve talked a lot about education at Quay this year. What does it mean to you that Quay is giving back to our community with our Education is Quay scholarship program?

Having two teenagers and watching the process of getting into college compared to my experience growing up—it’s clear that education has become too exclusive and overwhelming, and that many people simply can’t get access to it. The ability to gain an education is an important part of our society, so I love that Quay can use our platform to help open that door up for a few more people while we figure this out as a larger society.


Can’t get enough? Check Jodi out on Instagram @jodi.bricker for inspiration, behind-the-scenes at Quay, and more.




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Holiday Gift Guide

Is your holiday mode activated? It’s gift giving season and luckily, we’ve been prepping for this time of year like Olympians for Tokyo 2020. 

When it comes to our holiday collection, we felt the need to go full ham on the extraness to embody the spirit of the season. And when our new holiday sunnies and accessories start at $55, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry, we’ve curated the must-haves for everyone in your life. 

For the friend who’s EXTRA EXTRA

Give your most extra friend the ultimate pair of over-the-top sunnies with ICY. A twist on the square shape with a studded brow bar, these frames are as unbothered as their wearer. 

Everyone needs their staple statement sunnies. AFTER HOURS is the perfect balance between timeless and edgy, especially with its rhinestone embellished face front.

For fam with a MODERN EDGE 

Keep your fave family member stylin’ with SIDE NOTE. The classic cool shape is durable, goes with everything, and is flattering on most face shapes.

For the one who stays scrollin’ the gram BLUE LIGHT

Practice safe specs and keep it cute in blue light frames like POINDEXTER. These metal cat eye glasses feature a unique shape and an adjustable nose pad, so whether you’re buying these for yourself or someone else, it’ll always have a perfect fit.

For you and your bestie SOMETHING PINK 

These cat eye sunnies are too good to gift away—so go twinsies with your bestie in LUSTWORTHY. The timeless shape takes on new levels of sass and style in a light pink color, and gives you something on wear on Wednesday (and every other day of the week).


Get to gifting, tis the season to be extra after all. 




****AUTHORS NOTE: Pronunciation is \key\

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