Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Round


Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Round

How do you round out your eyewear wardrobe if you've got a round face? If you're looking for sunglasses or glasses to sharpen your features and add angles, here's a guide on finding the right pair. From squares to shields, we'll help you hunt down the perfect Quays to level up your OOTD.

What Is My Face Shape?

Before we dive into glasses for round faces, let's discuss all the face shapes out there. Curious about how to determine your face shape? Here's where to start — you can use our Virtual Try-On Tool to double-check, too. 

Round faces

Round faces feature an even ratio of width to height. Bring balance to your face by popping on sunnies with straight lines to create angles. Rectangular and square frames are go-to's, but you can werk those oversized and shield fits, too. 

Other face shapes

  • Oval: Oval faces are very similar to round faces, except they're longer than they're wide. Frames with straight lines also balance these faces. 
  • Square: Square faces feature all the angles, so they pair perfectly with circular frames that help soften their edges. 
  • Heart-shaped: Heart faces have wider foreheads and narrow jaws. With these faces, cat eye frames will be go-to picks.  
  • Smaller: Size matters. If your face is small, pick up scaled-down sunnies for the just-right look. 

What Sunglass Shape is Best for Round Faces?

Looking for the best glasses for a round face? No need to run in circles. Here are fits that werk all year round.

Square: PSA

Square frames are failproof picks for round faces. Their straight edges bring angles to the curves on round faces for a balanced look. And if you're looking for a closet staple, we've got a newsflash for you—or rather, a PSA. Our PSA sunnies are retro-inspired and universally flattering squares that feature premium injection frames. Snag them in classic brown, black, or tort, or fire up your look with statement neon pink or yellow. Some pairs also have polarized lenses, which are great for when it's bright AF. 

Oversized: EVER AFTER

If you've got a round face, find your happily EVER AFTER with an oversized look. Big glasses also pair well with round faces, and the more edges they have, the better. EVER AFTER is an easy-to-wear, sized-up injection frame available in many colorways and lens options, including polarized lenses. It's also a square shape, so you'll get balancing angles from it, too. Love a winged flick? For a similar vibe, pop on AFTER HOURS, which features subtly angular edges. 


Round faces can block out the haters with shields as well. Many flat top shields wrap around the face as one single lens without nose pads or bridges. They can be a combo of the square and oversized frame shapes, so they can make for the ultimate statement. One of our faves is HINDSIGHT, which features a bold brow bar to keep the shade out. Choose from all the colors — you've got purple to orange, black pink fade, black, or even a rainbow option to keep it extra. 

Frames to Avoid

Narrow, oval, and round frames won't add angles and may throw off balance on a round face. That said, experiment with different shapes to see what werks best for you. (The most versatile sunnies suit all face shapes, TBH.) You never know what might be the perfect fit, so use our Virtual Try-On Tool to find out.

Round faces can look flawless in a wide variety of frames, so stay shady with picks from Quay's collection. 

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