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Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Square

Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Square

Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Square

Square faces feature all the sharp angles. If you're on the lookout for frames to soften or accentuate those angles, we've put together just the guide you need. From round to geometric, we'll help you find the best-fitting Quays for your face shape.

What Is My Face Shape?

Faces come in all shapes and sizes — knowing yours will help you find the just-right frames. If you're wondering how to determine your face shape, here's what you need to know about the main face shapes and the fits that complement them. 

Square Faces

Square faces have angular features, which are softened by circular frames and enhanced by square frames.

Other Face Shapes

  • Round: If you've got a round face, it's as wide as it is long. Soft, round faces especially look great with frames that have straight lines and create angles.

  • Oval: Oval faces are also rounded — but they’re also longer than they are wide. Again, frames with straight lines help bring balance to the face. 

  • Heart-shaped: Heart-shaped faces have foreheads wider than the chin area. They pair perfectly with rounded and tapered frames.

  • Smaller: Size matters — that's why we also carry minis for smaller faces. 

Finding the Best Sunglasses for a Square Face

On the hunt for frames to complement square faces perfectly? Here are some top picks for finding the right fit. 

Farrah Frames for Square Face

Round Sunglasses: FARRAH

Round out your look with circular glasses that add balance to your face. FARRAH, one of our fan faves, puts a contemporary twist on classic rounds. These frameless sunnies feature metal studs for extra specs appeal, perfect for festi life. They're also great for everyday wear, whether you're running around town or catching happy hour with friends.

Nemesis Frame

Browline Sunglasses: NEMESIS 

With a thick top and less pronounced bottom, browline glasses are timeless. The NEMESIS frame is more friend than foe when it comes to softening a square face. These oversized CRX frames add the perfect amount of edge while remaining a go-to classic. They mix durability with quality materials and polarized lenses for protection at all the bright times — rock them at the beach or somewhere fancy.

Geometric style frames

Geometric Sunglasses: FLEX

Packed with personality, geometric frames often come in unique shapes with pronounced angles that complement square faces. Feel yourself and FLEX it with geo frames. These classic cat eyes are specs that'll leave a flawless impression with their inset lenses flush against minimal injection frames. They're not only for runway looks, though. FLEX it in these fan faves that can be dressed up or down. 

man at beach with square sunglasses

Frames to Avoid

Square sunglasses

It's often said that square sunglasses don't pair well with square faces, but we tend to break a few rules. In fact, these frames can actually enhance those sharp angles on square faces — a few of our faves include POSTER BOY and HARDWIRE. Some versatile sunnies even look universally flattering on all face shapes. Ultimately, you'll know which sunnies fit your look best, so don't be afraid to experiment. Use our Virtual Try-On Tool to find your fave frames. 

Square faces look great in so many different frames, so it's hard to choose. Get started on finding your favorite fits for square faces from Quay's collection. 

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