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Ring in the New Year with a Fresh Pair of Prescription Glasses

Ring in the New Year with a Fresh Pair of Prescription Glasses

Ring in the New Year with a Fresh Pair of Prescription Glasses

Ring in the New Year with a fresh perspective: prescription glasses with an extra dose of style. Your glasses frames don’t have to be lame. Turn heads with statement frames from Quay so that your vision stays at 100. So what should you know about prescription specs, and what are some cute glasses frames for everyday fits? Read ahead for all the deets. 

Your Cute New Glasses Are Prescription, Too

QuayRx prescription glasses start at $95, and each pair comes with blue light technology, anti-reflection, high-index lenses, UV protection, smudge resistance, and scratch resistance. There’s no need to add on extras for further costs — everything is included, along with your prescription (between +4 and -6). All you need to do is to upload your unexpired prescription and your pupillary distance (PD). WTF is your pupillary distance? It’s the distance you measure from pupil to pupil so that we know where to center your prescription. You can get it from your eye care professional or measure it yourself with a ruler or our Virtual Try-On Tool.

In addition to all the deets, our glasses frames take inspiration from cult faves, with new styles in the mix, too. If you're on the hunt for the best prescription glasses, take a look at our fave picks below. 

classic prescription frames

Classic Looks

Get that designer prescription glasses look without breaking the bank. You can’t go wrong with staple silhouettes such as the cateye, square, round, and aviator. For the just-right vibes, shop our classic collection for throwback glasses, studious styles, statement makers, and hot bestsellers. If you're looking for the perfect specs to complement your face shape, use our Virtual Try-On Tool. Treat yourself to OG Quay frames such as HARDWIRE, I SEE YOU, and BLUEPRINT for style that you can flex while you werk, scroll, or stream.

nude frames


Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Neutrals make the perfect wardrobe staples that you can wear all day, every day. Soft browns, subtle grays, and trendy torts are the ideal go-tos for all your OOTDs, whether you’re hitting up the beach or brunching with the fam. We make sure that our specs come in high-quality frames so that you can wear them for any occasion without a worry about them lasting. Make a statement in the cat-eyed CEO or look fresh with the aviator-shaped ON THE FLY. Neutrals can be bold as well: Enjoy deets such as sturdy reinforced metal arms and gold embellishments. 

oversized frames

Oversized Frames

For that movie star glam, oversized frames will do the trick — these stylish glasses are also a great fit if you have a wider face. Take your pick from oversized go-to's such as ALL NIGHTER or JEZABELL for a statement look. WIRED and BLUEPRINT are other cult faves that you can get sized up, too. In addition to standard and oversized frames, check out minis and low-bridge styles for the just-right fit.

Blue Light Technology Is an Essential Part of Prescription Eyewear

Blue light is a type of high energy visible (HEV) light, and in some people, it can disrupt sleep cycles and contribute to eye strain. While seeing things a little clearer, practice safe specs in style with QuayRx picks. All of our prescription eyewear, including our readers, feature blue light technology that helps filter out certain HEV light from digital screens. 

Ready for a game-changing pair of prescription glasses this year? Shop QuayRx prescription and reading glasses online to keep your vision and style at 100 as you check off your New Year’s resolutions.

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