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  1. What is the Quay Club?

The Quay Club is a paid VIP membership program where members receive a host of benefits in exchange for a recurring annual $50 fee

  1. What are the benefits of being in the Quay Club?

Quay Club members receive the following benefits in exchange for the recurring $50 annual fee:

  • Free 4-piece case “welcome gift” upon initial Quay Club membership purchase. This will be added to the user’s cart automatically when they add the subscription product to their bag. Note that this “welcome gift” is subject to change.
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • $50 annual fee becomes $50 in Quay Club membership credit to use on any future purchase
  • On all future purchases, members will earn an additional 20% back in Quay Club membership credit. Credit will be earned as $1 for every $5 in future purchases

Note that these benefits may be subject to change.

  1. How can I use my benefits once I am a member?

After you purchase the Quay Club membership program, you will receive a confirmation email directing you to create an account with the email address used to purchase the membership. You will need to be logged into this specific account when shopping on the site in order to use the benefits. Once logged in, you will see a module at the payment step of the checkout process allowing you to apply credit towards your purchase. Free shipping will automatically be applied to your order when logged in.

  1. How do I view how much Quay Club membership credit I have earned?

You can view your credit balance by logging in to your account page and clicking “Quay Club”. Your credit balance will display and you can view your earning history by clicking “Rewards History”.

  1. How do I cancel my subscription or can I receive a refund?

We will not be able to refund your initial year purchase of the Quay Club membership (all sales are final). However, if you would like to cancel your recurring membership, you must login to your account and follow these steps:

  • Click “Manage Quay Club Membership”
  • Select your “Quay Club” membership subscription
  • Click “Cancel Subscription” at bottom of the page
  1. Can I use a discount code to purchase a Quay Club membership?

Discounts may not be applied to purchase Quay Club memberships.

  1. Will my Quay Club membership credit ever expire?

No, your Quay Club membership credit will not ever expire.

  1. Will I lose my Quay Club membership credit if I cancel my membership?

No, you will not lose your Quay Club membership credit if you cancel your membership. However, you will no longer earn free shipping on all orders or 20% credit back on future purchases.

  1. Will I be able to use my Quay credit and 20% cash back benefits at Quay store locations?

No, unfortunately Quay Club membership benefits currently only apply for purchases made online at www.quayaustralia.com.


Contact us at customercare@quayaustralia.com with any further questions.