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Enjoy all the bright times with polarized sunglasses. So, what are polarized sunglasses? Here’s the rundown: These special shades reduce the glare when light bounces off of highly reflective horizontal surfaces such as water and open roads. They come with filters that keep your vision at 100, perfect for clear sight during both beach trips and daily hustles. Quay carries an array of polarized sunglasses for men and women. You can't go wrong with classic black polarized sunglasses, but you have the option to choose from different shapes and designs to find the perfect pair. With rounds, squares, and everything in between, take your pick from sleek styles. Shield out the brights in HINDSIGHT or be a cool cat in NOOSA. You'll also look fly in Quay's OG HIGH KEY, a timeless aviator pair. A quick note: You might be wondering what the deal is regarding mirrored versus polarized. There are legit differences between these lenses that make both great options (though, you can have both features in one pair). With mirrored sunnies, a coating is applied on the front side of your shades — this keeps the lenses flashy, wear resistant, and reflective. The difference? Mirrored sunglasses reduce glare by reflecting light back, whereas polarized ones remove it with a filter. No matter your vibe, reduce glare and improve clarity at all the bright times with polarized sunglasses from Quay.