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Look fly and explore your horizons with a classic pair of navigator sunglasses. Give your outfit a definitive statement accent with a fresh pair to level up your look. Wondering about the navigator vs. aviator sunglasses situation? They're related for sure. Navigators share the same prominent brow bar as aviators, but they have square lenses instead of teardrop ones. Take on your voyages in style with the right navigators. Our durable metal frames come in luxe colors such as black, silver, and gold. Or, go bold with CRX plastic sunnies. However you frame it, keep it shady with standout lens finishes. You can't beat sunset vibes with smoky lenses or monochrome ones with subtle tints. There's no going wrong with classic blackout lenses, either — you're virtually set for any look. For all the bright times, block out the glare with navigator sunnies that come with polarized filters. Don't forget about just the right fit as well. Take it easy with a happy medium, or scale up with an oversized pair for a big statement. Find your path by tracking down the perfect women and men's navigator sunglasses — you’re in for a timeless look.