Quay is all about looking and feeling good. That’s why we champion what we call “practicing safe specs”, redesigning our favorite sunnies with blue light blocking clear lenses that can prevent the fatigue linked with eye strain. We offer seven chic styles, which include clear lens remakes of Quay’s HARDWIRE, SONG BIRD, and MAGNETIC frames. Whether you’re working hard at your computer or crafting the perfect post caption, you want to crush life — not your vision.

Blue light, or HEV light, naturally occurs in sunlight. But we increasingly encounter it as our lives revolve around technology. Long-term exposure to the HEV light from monitors and smartphones can cause dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. That’s why people are throwing on blue light glasses. On the ‘gram, a filter can make or break your pics. Likewise, blue light filtering glasses can protect your eyes from blue light emitted by digital screens.