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This is why we partnered with Saweetie this past April when we launched our second Education is Quay Scholarship Program. We received thousands of entries, and due to the unprecedented number of essay applications (and incredible videos submitted), we decided to award money to even more winners.

$120,000 USD to help fuel the dreams of 12 scholars because we believe your vision has the power to change the world.

Our 12 winners wrote an essay on how the money would help fuel (and further) their education. Then semi-finalists were asked to create a video on what self-expression means to them. Meet our scholars and see some of what they had to say:


    The ability to express myself has allowed me to cultivate this experience and transform into the confident warrior that I am today.

        HEIDI T.

        I would use this scholarship towards gaining additional knowledge and experience aimed at advancing healthcare accessibility and quality of care through courses at my university as I complete my biochemistry degree.

            VIENNA S.

            self-expression is key to my well-being. It's the way I tell the story of who I am, how I feel and what I believe.

                LILIANA G


                I aspire to earn my Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Neuroscience and earn my Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Psychology before I turn 26. I yearn to investigate how group behavior and human cognition influence public policy.

                    GABRIEL S.

                    Self-expression is like the soul's fingerprint. It is in the way that we speak, the way that we dress, it is even in the way that we move.

                        FEBIE L.

                        Anyone who is willing to dedicate their life to nurturing another life should have every opportunity to do so. I wish to educate myself on assisted reproductive technologies that help couples overcome infertility.

                            KEANU C

                            Possessing a selfless attitude, good problem-solving skills, good communication skills, and commitment to patient advocacy are all the things that have led me to choose nursing.

                                ENRICO D.

                                One day, I stared at myself in the mirror, told myself I was enough, and burst into tears. I am my own person. I am valid... I’m loving myself, living in the moment, and embracing love and support from people who offer it.

                                    MAE J.

                                    I plan to someday go beyond advocating, learning, and researching; I’m determined to become a clinical psychologist who provides direct support to individuals who struggle with mental health issues.

                                        LAIBA Z.

                                        I believe that people shouldn't have to hide themselves to blend in with the crowd. I finally gained the confidence to not let the opinions of others stop me from expressing myself.

                                            VANESSA S.

                                            My self-expression is constructed by little dots of my cultural experiences that have created the person that I am today.

                                                MYRA J.

                                                I will graduate with my Bachelors at the age of 19 due to my persistence in high school and I have begun my Master’s degree program. I also started a company named “Mexituras” to help bring awareness to Artisans in Mexico who make $1 for every hour worked.


                                                  SCHOLARSHIP CRITERIA

                                                  • Must be located in the US, District of Columbia, Australia, New Zealand 
                                                  • Must be at least 16 years old at the time of application  
                                                  • Applicant's educational goals have a clearly defined purpose + mission, plus a specific use for the funds as explained in your application  
                                                  • Applicants must attend or plan to attend a two-year or four-year college, university or vocational/technical school


                                                  • April 14th Scholarship open for applications
                                                  • June 9th Scholarship application period ends 
                                                  • July 1st  Semi-finalists are notified + given their video prompt 
                                                  • July 15th Final due date for video entries 
                                                  • On or around August 2nd Recipients will be notified + announced

                                                  SELECTION PROCESS

                                                  • First-round written submissions are reviewed + semi-finalists will be invited to a second round, where they will create a one-minute video submission. The Quay team will review the group of finalists from the second round to select final winners.  
                                                  • Twelve (12) winners will each receive $10,000 USD for a total of $100,000 USD in scholarships. All fifty (50) semi-finalists will also receive merchandise gift cards, redeemable for one (1) pair of sunnies or blue light glasses ($85 value).

                                                  EVALUATION CRITERIA

                                                  Semi-finalists Answers will be evaluated in the following proportions: use of funds (20%), writing ability (20%), creativity (20%), originality (20%), and overall excellence (20%).

                                                  Finalists Answers will be evaluated in the following proportions: answers video prompt question (25%), creativity (25%), originality (25%), and overall excellence (25%)

                                                  WRITTEN APPLICATION QUESTIONS

                                                  • Full name  
                                                  • Email  
                                                  • Phone number 
                                                  • Physical address, including country 
                                                  • Anticipated high school graduation date 
                                                  • Birth date  
                                                  • Annual household income 
                                                  • Ethnicity  
                                                  • Essay 1 (250 words or less): What are your educational goals, and how would you use this scholarship to support those goals?  
                                                  • Essay 2 (250 words or less): Self-expression is a core value at Quay. What does self-expression mean to you? 

                                                  Submissions are now closed, and the winners have been notified. Thank you to everyone who participated.

                                                  Have more questions? Contact quayscholarship@educationdynamics.com

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                                                  GO BEHIND THE SCENES: DESIGNER DRIP

                                                  Add something extra to your frame with new jewelry. Even more 14k gold plated pieces meant to be mixed, matched, and fully stacked. Necklaces, charms, and earrings are starting at $25. 

                                                  Go behind the drip with product designers Colleen + Adesha. 

                                                  The design process starts by identifying key runway looks. Then, our designers break down those trends, make mood boards, and sketch to ensure each piece is thoughtfully designed with our squad (and quality) in mind. 

                                                  LAYER UP 
                                                  Each piece is designed to layer on the drip, adding something extra to our squad’s snapshot style. When people are spending more time seeing each other from the waist up, we wanted people to express their selfies with glasses and jewelry—real pants not required. 

                                                  SHOP JEWELRY 

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                                                  SUPPORTING THE NEXT GENERATION OF WOMXN

                                                  This International Women’s Day, we’re challenging the way things have always looked. Buck the system. See positive change. Envision a brighter future. Donating over $100,000 USD to non-profits around the world, including Girls Inc. of Alameda County.

                                                  We talked to some of program leads for a short Q/A about helping empower, inspire, and equip young girls to succeed.

                                                  From top to bottom, left to right: Akilah, Kristina, Maritza, Rosa, and Halle


                                                  HALLE, GIRLS INC. US: I believe that I challenged the "model minority" myth—or rather redefined it for myself—and broke down barriers even my family did not think was possible. In doing so, I was able to forge my own path and show up today as an Asian American woman working in education.

                                                  KRISTINA, GIRLS INC. US: For Girls Inc of Alameda County, we choose to challenge inequalities our youth may face, and help our students realize their voice through education and supporting growth mindset. 

                                                  Q: WHAT DOES BEING AN ADVOCATE + WHAT DRIVES YOUR DECISION MAKING?

                                                  , GIRLS INC. US: Being an advocate for other girls and women is an intentional practice—I understand that I must use my time and talent to create a world where women, girls and femmes are afforded the opportunity to pursue their dreams with pride and tenacity.

                                                  MARITZA, GIRLS INC. US: As an advocate for other girls and women, I see myself as a sister eager to share my knowledge/experiences in hopes of having a positive impact on other's growth. My understanding of society and my values help me with decision-making.

                                                  ROSA, GIRLS INC. US: Being an advocate for girls is about opening doors that were once shut by society.


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                                                  THE HISTORY BEHIND THE SAUCE

                                                  It goes by many names—Black excellence, Black joy, the sauce, etc.—whatever you call it, it’s threaded throughout our Black History Month features, and we’re ending our Drip Series by highlighting the history behind the sauce. 

                                                  We spoke with Dr. Robert P Robinson who has served as a K-12 educator for 11 years, teaching at public high schools. His field of study is in Africana Studies & History of Education with a focus on the Black Freedom Movement, Curriculum, and Instruction. 

                                                  We’re using our platform to amplify the causes that are important to our community internally + externally, donating $25,000 in honor of Black History Month to: 

                                                  • The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.: America's premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. 
                                                  • Therapy for Black Men: An American organization working to help change the narrative around Black men seeking mental health support, helping them find the resources they need. 
                                                  • Therapy for Black Girls: A US-based online space dedicated to encouraging the mental wellness of Black women and girls. 
                                                  • Plus, we provided 300 pairs of blue light glasses to Black Girls Code, an organization based in New York + the Bay Area dedicated to teaching girls ages 7-17 about computer programming and digital technology. 

                                                  COMMUNITY IS QUAY 

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                                                  COMMUNITY IS QUAY, 2021

                                                  We believe that COMMUNITY IS QUAY and all people—regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or creed—deserve respect, opportunity, and love. This idea is central to everything we do at Quay because we are nothing without the unique, diverse group of individuals internally + externally who are part of our global community.  

                                                  We will continue to envision a brighter future with the power of our voice, our dollars, and our actions.  

                                                  See all the ways YOU are helping us give back in 2021: 


                                                  PRIDE COLLECTION – SUPPORTING LGBTQIA+ MENTAL HEALTH
                                                  We believe that all people—regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or creed—deserve respect, opportunity, and love. In honor of Pride Month, we’re proudly donating to the following organizations:

                                                  • The Trevor Project: In the US, we donated $100K USD to The Trevor Project—the world's largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people under 25.
                                                  • Minus18: In Australia, we’re donating 100% of proceeds, up to $20K AUD, in the month of June to support Minus18—an organization that champions for LGBTQIA+ youth through events, education and campaigns.
                                                  • Mermaids: In the UK, we’re donating £5,000+ GBP to Mermaids—UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charity supporting trans kids + their families.


                                                  ICY FOR GOOD – SUPPORTING RACIAL JUSTICE APPI COMMUNITY
                                                  Our Style for Good series in the US continued to support #HATEISAVIRUS. Raising over $3,000 USD in one day, making our total donation to this nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers $14,000 USD. Helping raise funds during AAPI Heritage Month in support of the AAPI community through programs related to mental health, better protections for the elderly, representation, solidarity-building, and more.

                                                  AFTER HOURS FOR GOOD – HELPING END PERIOD POVERTY
                                                  Our Style for Good series in Australia donated 100% of proceeds to Share the Dignity, a charity working to end period poverty. Raising over $1,500 AUD in one day and donated an additional $50,000 AUD in support of their Dignity Vending Machine Program, which ensures access to period products to the most vulnerable.


                                                  NOOSA FOR GOOD – SUPPORT RACIAL JUSTICE APPI COMMUNITY
                                                  Our Style for Good series was in continued support of #HATEISAVIRUS. We raised over $7,000 USD in one day + have donated over $11,000 USD to this nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers that exists to dismantle racism and hate. The only way to fight racism is to be actively anti-racist—educate yourself, speak up, donate, take action. There is no neutral position on racism. 


                                                  • COME THRU FOR GOOD – INSPIRING ALL GIRLS TO BE STRONG, SMART, AND BOLD
                                                    Our Style for Good series supported cause with confidence—envisioning a brighter future + supporting the next generation by donating 100% of proceeds from COME THRU. We raised over $5,000 USD + donated a total of $100,000 USD to Girls Inc, a non-profit within the United States and Canada that provides mentoring relationships, safe spaces, and evidence-based programming to girls ages 5-18.
                                                  • HATEISAVIRUS – SUPPORTING RACIAL JUSTICE
                                                    In support of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community, we transitioned our round-up feature in March to help #HATEISAVIRUS, a nonprofit community of mobilizers and amplifiers that exists to dismantle racism and hate. So far, our community has helped raise $10,000 USD.


                                                  • NIGHTFALL FOR GOOD SUPPORTING SOCIAL JUSTICE + MENTAL HEALTH
                                                    Our Style for Good series supported Black History Month in the US + Mardi Gras in Australia, donating 100% of proceeds from Nightfall. For a total of $25,000 USD to the NAACP LDF, America's premier legal organization fighting for racial justice + $15,000 AUD to Minus18, an organization that aims to improve the lives of the LGBTQIA+ youth through events, education, and empowerment across Australia.
                                                  • BLACK HISTORY MONTH - SUPPORTING RACIAL JUSTICE, MENTAL HEALTH, AND EDUCATION 
                                                    In honor of Black History Month, we donated $25,000 USD to the following organizations for the continued support in the fight for racial justice, mental health, and education for members of our community: 

                                                  Plus, we provided 300 pairs of blue light glasses to Black Girls Code, an organization based in New York + the Bay Area dedicated to teaching girls ages 7-17 about computer programming and digital technology.   


                                                  • JANUARY 26 IN AUSTRALIA - SUPPORTING SOCIAL JUSTICE 
                                                    In partnership with @clothingthegap, we helped amplify the voices of members of the Australian Aboriginal Community, continuing the conversation about January 26 + committing our dollars with a $15,000 AUD donation to The Healing Foundation—an Australia-based Aboriginal + Torres Strait Islander organization that partners with communities to address the ongoing trauma caused by the impact of colonization + actions like the forced removal of children from their families.   
                                                  • BLUEPRINT FOR GOOD  SUPPORTING COVID RELIEF EFFORTS 
                                                    This year we continued our Style for Good series, which designates a day each month to feature a bestselling style that gives back to a charity. This past January we kicked it off by giving proceeds from BLUEPRINT to the American Nurses Foundation. Together, we donated $10,000 USD to this organization that advocates for the wellbeing + success of nurses like those on the frontlines fighting COVID-19. 


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