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What to Know About the QUAY Club

What to Know About the QUAY Club

What to Know About the QUAY Club

Want to turn heads your way all day every day with QUAYs? Join the QUAY Club. Here’s the TLDR: The QUAY Club is basically QUAY’s loyalty program. To stay effortlessly shady, you can sign up for the free tier for earnings with each transaction or upgrade to the VIP tier for $20 a year to get even more exclusive benefits. Below, we’ve got you covered with all the deets on being a proud QUAY Club member. 

Free Loyalty Program

You can join the QUAY Club for absolutely free. The free tier is a loyalty program where you can simply create an account and start earning points with every purchase. So what do these points go toward? Down the line, you can redeem points for exclusive discounts. 

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VIP Loyalty Program

If you always wear sunnies to raise your vibes, consider upgrading to the VIP tier, an annually paid online membership subscription. Though there's a fee, you'll get sweet savings. With a wide range of offerings available to them, VIPs get treated like MVPs. All it takes for year-long benefits is to add the VIP membership to your QUAY bag for $20 — your future self will love you. 

You get $20 credit on a future purchase, 20% back with every future purchase, and one free gift case. (Note that the 20% back works so that members earn credit back on one order in a 24-hour period for a max of $100.) The goodies don’t end there. VIPs get free shipping on all orders (excluding Canada) and early access to deals.

Once you purchase the VIP subscription, you’ll get a confirmation email to make an account. This account is where you can check all your available perks — make sure that you're logged on to use your benefits, such as free shipping and credit towards purchases. VIP membership fees are non-refundable. You will be able to cancel your membership, but you lose free shipping and 20% credit back on future purchases. For other questions, check out our FAQ page

Want to get deals while flexing your fave shades? Start earning today by joining the QUAY Club.

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