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Our latest campaign with multi-platinum, Grammy-winning singer, rapper, and truth-teller, Lizzo has us looking towards the future in a star-studded range of new glammed-out sunnies, blue light glasses, and accessories starting at $55 —including three extremely limited edition styles juiced up with genuine crystals, which are priced at $125.

While the product and Lizzo are headline-grabbing, the real star of this campaign is the power of the vote. To coincide with our launch, we're teaming up with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF), and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to lift barriers to voting in the US. We’re committing $100K to help fund the LDF's Prepared to Vote initiative to protect voting rights + support Black political engagement, and Lawyers' Committee's Election Protection program. Election Protection, anchored by the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline, is the nation's premier voter protection program working year-round to ensure that all voters have an equal opportunity to vote and have that vote count. Voter education matters. Voter access matters. Representation matters.

We caught up with Lizzo about our latest collab and the importance of representation in a mini Q/A.
Q/A has been a mark of the Quay Australia brand for years. And it’s more than just our initials—it’s what we stand for. For our Q/As we check in with some of the coolest people we know to walk a mile in their shades + get a fresh perspective on some of the topics we think are worth talking about.

Q: The new collection features everything from classic black frames to over-the-top accents like star studs + hot pink gradients. Which aspects of our new collection speak to you most?

A: I love how much fun this collection is. The spring collection was very superstar, sexy, glam...but this feels rock n roll!


Q: We love that you and your squad have been rocking styles from our first drop non-stop—what is your go-to pair with the new collection?

A: I know I've taken a lot of pics in the ICY, but I wear TRANSCEND every day. I got a pair in the purse and a pair by the pool.


Q: Your creative director + close friend, Quinn Wilson, both creative directed + shot this campaign. It nods heavily to the collection, Black excellence, and the power of the vote. What inspired you, and how do you work together to develop creative concepts?

A: This shoot felt like family. Quinn really took the lead with concepts, and I followed her leadership. I trust her, so it's easy to create together.


Q: Our campaign aims to lift barriers to voting in the US, particularly for communities of color. What did you think about the campaign's rallying cry—2020 REPRESENT?

A: Voting is a big way to contribute + to feel like we're making a change. But the power of voting in midterm and local elections wasn't something I was taught in school. I want to be part of informing future generations of our power.


Q: What does it mean to you to represent?

A: Representation is important to me. It helps people feel seen. It celebrates diversity. The American people deserve to feel seen, and we deserve a government that reflects our beautiful, diverse country and ideals.


Q: 2020 is a unique time to launch a campaign. We have centered both of our collaborations around giving back to both the customer and the community. What does our partnership + the ability to give back with it mean to you, especially at this time?

A: I've been waiting for the moment where I can give back. It's the reason why I do this. If I do anything, it should always be beneficial to the betterment of us.



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