QUAY Sunglasses As Seen On Love Island

QUAY Sunglasses As Seen On Love Island

QUAY Sunglasses As Seen On Love Island

QUAY is coming in hot for this season of Love Island. That’s right: QUAY has signed on to be the featured eyewear for the fourth season of Love Island USA, which means that you’ll be seeing your fave couples flexing QUAY go-to’s in style. Ahead, we’ll keep you covered on all the deets re: Love Island USA and break down how you can channel head-turning looks with your very own Love Island sunglasses from QUAY. 

QUAY Loves, Love Island

So what is Love Island anyway? Inspired by the original UK Love Island, Love Island USA follows a simple premise: It focuses on a group of singles who live in a luxury villa as they couple up and flirt. Partnership is QUAY. Participants, also called Islanders, need to be coupled up with each other, whether it’s for love, friendship, or survival. Elimination happens when someone fails to recouple, but it can also be determined by other Islanders or the general public vote. And BTW, the winning couple receives a combined $100,000 prize. 

When it comes to reality TV, Love Island isn’t only iconic — it’s also EYE conic, featuring some of the most glamorous shades as islanders have fun in the sun. And some of those specs, of course, include QUAY fan faves for all face shapes

A female model posing outdoors with arms over their head with QUAY HIGH KEY purple sunglasses


Most Iconic Moments Wearing QUAY Sunglasses

If you’re looking to channel the looks as seen on Love Island USA, here are a few of the shade must-haves to raise your vibes. Whether you love a 90’s throwback, an early-aughts Paris Hilton moment, or a sleek + modern pick, find your next faves from QUAY. As you watch the show this season, keep your eyes out for the shapes below — and more. 

Shielding Out the Haters

Spot Islanders blocking out the haters with stylish, statement-making shields such as NIGHTFALL and BASE LINE.

Keeping Things Fly With Aviators

Love Islanders will keep things modern and fly with QUAY’s go-to aviators such as HIGH KEY (plus the MINI) and ON THE FLY. Besides timeless shapes, statement colors will also be having a moment this season, including pink designer sunglasses such as HIGH KEY LINKS.  

Rounding It Out

Love Island will circle back to the basics with a classic style: round sunglasses. Rounds such as BIG TIME will pump up the fun in the sun. 

Staying Squarely Focused

Squares don’t have to be dull when Islanders can flex in QUAY faves such as TOTAL VIBE and LET IT RUN

Turning Heads Purr-fectly 

With cat eye picks such as CHAIN REACTION and GLOW UP, Love Island participants will also be flexing a retro cool silhouette. 

For all the bright times in the sun, channel Love Island with The Islanders favorite QUAY sunnies.

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