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In partnership with model, activist, and new mother, Ashley Graham, this International Women’s Day, we’re challenging the way things have always looked. Buck the system. See positive change. Envision a brighter future.

Our LET IT BE LIT campaign for March is centered around the space between URL and IRL, with the idea that as people make their way back out into the world, it’s with a renewed sense of self-expression and the notion that CONFIDENCE IS QUAY—a tagline for us and one of Ashley’s personal affirmations.

We sat down with Ashley to talk about this year’s International Women’s Day theme, advocating for inclusivity, invoking confidence, and her faves from our March photoshoot. Read the Q/A below.

Plus, as part of the campaign—and in an ongoing commitment to philanthropy and cause efforts to support the self-expression, confidence, and well-being of their global community—we’re choosing to wear cause with confidence for International Women’s Day. Donating $100,000 to Girls Inc., a non-profit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through direct service and advocacy.

From sweatsuits and power suits, to whatever suits your mood, we’ve got the quays to take your look to the next level. Wear it with confidence starting at $55. Shop new arrivals.


Quay: First of all—who are you + what are you all about?

Ashley: I’m Ashley Graham and I’m a model, host, wife, and new mom to my son Isaac. In everything I do, I work to give people everywhere the courage to make real, positive changes in their lives by breaking down barriers, building confidence, and most importantly, owning who you are.

Q: You’ve always been an advocate for women in so many ways—what does being an advocate for other women mean to you?

A: Being an advocate means supporting one another, using our voices to spark change and creating opportunities that lift and celebrate those around you. It also means being a good listener and cheerleader for your friends, sisters, and other women in your community on a regular basis.

Q: This year’s International Women’s Day official theme is CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE. What does it mean for you + what are some things you choose to challenge?

A: It’s incredibly important for everyone to see realistic portrayals of women and curvy bodies on billboards, tv, and in brand campaigns, and I’ll continue to challenge the status quo and advocate for inclusivity and representation in fashion, entertainment, and beyond.

Q: You’re a woman in a position of power. What does that privilege mean to you, and what drives your decision making?

A: As a public figure, I’m committed to using my voice and platform to offer space for conversations around body positivity and empower others.

Q: Who are the women that inspire you?

A: My mom Linda is the strongest person I know, and she inspires me endlessly. She has always lifted me up and encouraged me to be my best self.

Q: The idea that CONFIDENCE IS QUAY is at the center of everything we do at Quay. How has your definition of confidence changed over the years?

A: We all have moments of self-doubt, and there’s been plenty of times where I have felt less than confident, but I truly believe that we all have the power of confidence within us. Incredible things will happen once you start to trust in YOU.

Q: On that same note—what is one thing you would tell your younger self?

A: Doors will close, and you’ll hear a lot of no’s throughout your life but keep believing in yourself and trust in the process!

Q: Self-expression is at the core of the Quay brand, which Quay styles are you drawn to, and how do they make you feel when you put them on?

A: I LOVE an aviator look, and really gravitated towards HIGH KEY TWO-TONE to add a little edge to my looks. I also like a big sunglasses moment for some extra glamour—COFFEE RUN really stand out.

Q: How has your style evolved over the years, and what impact, if any, has motherhood had on your style choices?

A: Since becoming a new mom and working from home, I’ve opted for more stylish yet convertible pieces that are easy to mix and match and can dress up (or dress down) any look. I have to prepare for different types of scenarios throughout the day—working moms know what I’m talking about!

Q: As we've transitioned into a more connected world, where we increasingly interact virtually, how have glasses and accessories played into your screenshot style?

A: Glasses, accessories, and some light glam have definitely helped freshen up my Zoom looks during quarantine. Cute glasses or a bold lip are the perfect for a quick and low-lift, especially on days when putting on real clothes is such a struggle.

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