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Everything You’ve Been Wondering About Polarized Sunglasses


Everything You’ve Been Wondering About Polarized Sunglasses

Turn the brights down while keeping it lit. Polarized sunglasses help block glare at all the bright times. From sleek shades to statement-making sunnies, our range of polarized styles are where fashion meets function. Wondering exactly how they work? We're here to help you break down how polarized sunnies work.

What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

Most sunnies help tone down brightness, offering protection against UV rays. But there's one major factor that not all shades can take on: glare. When you look at highly reflective flat surfaces like water, snow, or the open road—the light bouncing off them can be intense. Enter polarized sunglasses, which can help minimize the look of glare.

Light from the sun starts unpolarized, which means it moves in random directions. When sunlight strikes a horizontal surface such as a lake, it reflects in a mostly horizontal direction and produces glare. Polarized shades use a lens filter that absorbs horizontally oriented light, thus minimizing glare and reducing any eye discomfort related to it. Another way of thinking about how polarized sunglasses work is like closing window shades on a sunny day to limit the amount of light entering a room.

Checking if your sunnies are polarized is a quick process, all you need are your sunglasses and a computer screen, as LCD monitors are also polarized to prevent glare. Turn on your computer and crank it up to its brightest setting. Then, take out your sunnies and tilt them at a 60-degree angle. If the lenses darken or black out, you've got polarized sunglasses, as the anti-glare properties in your lenses and the computer screen will cancel each other out.

What Do You Need to Know Before Wearing Polarized Sunglasses?

Pros of Polarized Sunglasses

Are polarized sunglasses better for your eyes? Polarized lenses offer many benefits, so the hype is legit. First off, they cut out glare, which makes polarized sunnies a vacay staple. But they're also great for daily wear, helping block out harsh light during everyday errands. Whether you're lounging in the sand or grinding through your daily hustle, these help with glare distortion whenever the sun is being extra.

Which brings us to point two: increased clarity. By dialing down brightness, polarized sunglasses can help amp up visual contrast and may allow for truer color perception. Which can also mean that you may not have to squint as much in bright conditions. Invest in polarized sunnies to keep glare in check and max out visibility — they’re definitely worth the hype.

Cons of Polarized Sunglasses

Let's keep it 100: while we love polarized sunglasses, sometimes the occasion doesn't call for it. As we've mentioned earlier, they share similar anti-glare properties with LCD screens. One major drawback is that they can make it difficult to see these screens. You'll want to take off your polarized sunglasses during those IG phone scrolls and computer sessions — not that you're likely wearing them during those times anyway.

However, you may be reaching for sunnies when you drive. These special lenses can be problematic when you hit the road. Many cars, for example, have LCD screens for navigation. If you use these screens, keep in mind that they can look distorted through polarized sunglasses. And there’s such a thing as being too shady: during low-light driving conditions, these sunnies can block out too much light. Of course, don't hesitate to consult your eye professional about what's best for your vision.

What Styles of Polarized Sunglasses Are There?

Our polarized sunnies come in a range of OG faves. Get fly in aviators with HIGH KEY, or throw it back in retro-looking rounds with JEZABELL.  Whatever vibe make it polarized. See how your top picks look on you with our Virtual Try-On Tool.

Ready to take on all the bright lights? Shop our collection of polarized sunglasses to keep it shady and saying goodbye to glare.

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