Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Triangle


Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape: Triangle

Choosing glasses for a triangle face can be quite the adventure because it pairs perfectly with so many bold, statement frames. A triangle face is the opposite of a heart-shaped face, featuring a narrow forehead and broad jawline. If you have a triangle face and want to find eyewear staples for your shape, read on for the lowdown.

What Is My Face Shape? 

If you’re looking for a pair that fits your face best, it helps to know what your face shape actually is. Check out our Virtual Try-On Tool to figure out your unique face shape in a few quick minutes and get all the deets on finding your just-right sunnies below.

Triangle Faces

Triangle faces are essentially inverted heart-shaped faces—they’re broad at the bottom and narrow at the top. The just-right glasses will add width and bring attention to the top of the face. Those with this face shape should flaunt specs with bold colors and shapes, especially when it comes to the upper part of the frames. Triangle face shape glasses include statement-making oval, cat eye, and square sunnies. 

Other Face Shapes

  • Square: Square faces are all about angular features, so they pair well with round frames that soften them and square frames that enhance them. 

  • Round: Round faces are as wide as they’re long. Those with round faces can accentuate their soft features with frames that feature straight lines and create angles. 

  • Oval: Oval faces are slightly different from rounds in that they’re longer than they’re wide. Frames that feature straight lines and create angles will also bring balance here.

  • Heart-Shaped: Heart-shaped faces are those where the forehead is wider than the chin. They look great with rounded and tapered frames that highlight their features. 

  • Smaller: Size definitely matters. If regular or oversized frames are too big for you, shop minis at Quay or even smaller versions of fan faves, like HIGH KEY MICRO


Finding the Best Sunglasses for a Triangle Face

Finding the perfect fit and style for triangular faces doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are plenty of sunnies you can rock that will define your features and turn up your specs appeal.


Oval Sunglasses: WALK ON 

Turn heads their way with oval sunnies. Because oval lenses are wide (as opposed to even at the top and bottom like circular ones), they help balance the face. Round out your eyewear wardrobe with WALK ON. These medium injection frames feature polarized lenses, so they also cut down the glare + improve clarity. 

Cat Eye Sunglasses: NOOSA

Cat eye sunglasses are purrfect for triangle faces. Because of their bold, slightly-winged upper edges, they add width to narrow foreheads and complement broad jawlines. A cat-eye classic at Quay is NOOSA, a bold pair of injection frame sunnies that will level up your OOTD. Flaunt it in espresso, black, or torts. You can also grab these with polarized and prescription lenses, in addition to a version with metal corner details to keep it edgy.

Square: PSA 

We’ve got a public service announcement: PSA is one of our go-to’s for triangle faces. The premium injection frame has a wide browline that helps balance narrower foreheads perfectly. Plus, this minimalist silhouette is incredibly wearable for any occasion, from your 9 to 5 commute to your getaway vacay. For a classic-cool vibe, flex it in the signature or fade lenses. 

Frames to Avoid

Some sunnies may not suit triangle faces. Round and small frames, for example, may not put enough emphasis on the forehead. But you know your angles best, so don’t be afraid to break some rules if you find the right specs for you. There are actually many versatile sunnies that suit all faces, as well. 

If you’re on the lookout for the best frames to wear with a triangle face (or any face shape), shop Quay’s collection to keep it shady. 

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