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4 Reasons To Rock Shield Sunglasses

4 Reasons To Rock Shield Sunglasses

4 Reasons To Rock Shield Sunglasses

Block out the haters — shield sunnies are one of the most effortlessly cool sunglasses shapes out there. Because of its distinct look, a shield shade makes for a fresh statement piece that features a filled-in nose bridge and comes in one-piece lens styles and two lens styles. We've rounded up the best reasons why you should rock shield sunglasses and go over some of our fave pairs.

1. They're virtually timeless.

The timelessness of these shades makes them one of the most versatile silhouettes out there — their appeal has been consistent throughout the decades. For a throwback '70s vibe, grab a pair with brown fade lenses. Want a modern look? Pick out shades with mirrored or reflective lenses.

2. They help you channel sporty chic vibes. 

Out of all of the sunglasses shapes out there, shields are definitely one of the most sporty. Are you expecting glare? Grab polarized shields for all the bright times. Pair them with a tracksuit or leggings and sneakers for all your athleisure looks. 

3. Shields are great for making a bold statement. 

Simply put, oversized shield sunglasses can help you make a statement. But shields don’t have to be oversized. Want something even bolder? While you can never go wrong with a sleek black shield, many shields come with distinct mirrored or smoke finishes. 

4. Shields can help protect your eyes from the sun. 

Most flat top shield sunglasses wrap around the face as one single lens. Practically speaking, they cover more surface area of the skin than other designs with nose pads and bridges that divide two lenses. As a result, you naturally get more UV protection this way. 

Our Favorite Shields 

So, what are our favorite shields for every wardrobe? Ahead, we've rounded up different styles of shield sunglasses that you can integrate into all your looks. 

The Gateway Shields: NIGHTFALL 

For those just dipping their toes into the world of shields, NIGHTFALL is the perfect pair. It's just right — not too big and not too small. These sunnies come with a one-piece lens that's available in a range of colors, whether you like to keep it sleek in black or want to switch things up with pink.

The Trendy Shields: BLOCKED

Keep the sun BLOCKED. We're all about the glam details, and these trendy sunglasses deliver on that front. BLOCKED features injection temples, gold accents, stud details, and a metal brow bar. If you're wondering how to make a statement, this is it. You can also hit trends and turn heads with a standout pair in pink or brown fade. 


The shield shape essentially refers to a wraparound or single-lens style, but there's a lot of flexibility when it comes to how a shield can actually look. Keep your style fly in HIGH KEY SHIELD, which features the signature HIGH KEY aviator teardrop lenses with a wraparound shield frame and a filled nose bridge. 

Ready to keep things shady? Treat yourself to a knockout pair of shields from Quay — they'll become one of your wardrobe go-to's!

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