What to Wear At Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits is one of the last major festivals of the year, taking place at the beginning of fall. Besides its rockin’ lineups year after year, it’s also a hub of show-stopping and adventurous looks. Need a little bit of inspo for putting together an outfit this year? Here’s Quay’s guide on what to wear for the fun two-weekend extravaganza, from magical aviator glasses to sleek wrist clutches.
The Basics
First, pack for the weather. In Austin, autumn temperatures range between high 80’s to low 60’s, so bring along breathable summer clothes for warm afternoons and light outer layers for chilly nights. Style-wise, experiment with colors and statement pieces for that kick of swagger. People often pair bright, bold prints with subtle solids to achieve a quirky vibe. Many festival-goers also play into Texan style by sporting cowboy boots, gallon hats, and belt buckles.
At Austin City Limits, you’ll find a ton of whimsical sunnies, which we know a thing or two about at Quay. Wearing shades will protect your eyes during the day and make your ensemble pop effortlessly. Out of so many sunglasses to choose from, it might be daunting to shop for a pair. But no worries we got you covered.

Retro aviator sunglasses won’t let you down when it comes to completing your ACL outfit. They always stay in style, and you’ll be able to wear them even after the fun festivities. Want a dash of flair? Lenses with unique colors and finishes can make your look one-of-a-kind. Try everything from head-turning mirrored sunnies such as HIGH KEY to dramatic fades such as SAHARA. Besides aviators, we also love the playful silhouettes of the circular COME AROUND and FARRAH as well as the heart-shaped KIM.
Bags & Other Accessories
Bags are a must-have for any music festival style. Since they stay on your body, you can groove to the beat without losing your gear. Just make sure that whatever is holding your essentials meets ACL’s bag size requirements.
Practical certainly doesn’t have to mean boring Quay’s accessory collection has many chic bags that can gorgeously complement your outfits. If you need something to carry around your basic essentials, you can’t go wrong with a lightweight fanny pack. Your phone, keys, and wallet will fit perfectly inside the zippered BUM BAG, which also comes with extra card slots. Need something slightly bigger? Put on the low-key DRAWSTRING BACKPACK, which also converts into a crossbody bag. We love that it’s big enough to fit items such as medium-sized water bottles and sunscreen tubes.
To keep the inside of your bags neat and flawless, you can use a wristlet clutch to organize small belongings. Besides their practical uses, these will pair easily with your outfits. Choose from faux fur, metallic, and studded styles to add an extra oomph to your look.
Ready to glam and jam out at Austin City Limits? We are, and we hope to see you there!

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