It’s hard to go wrong with a timeless pair of black sunnies. Still, we love the latest eyewear trends, from ultra-skinny frames to candy-colored tinted lenses. Not only are they fun, but they can also add sass and personality to whatever outfit you’re wearing. Keep reading to discover our favorite trendy sunglasses styles and learn how you can make them work with a few tips and tricks.


Even the smallest things can pack a punch. Try on a pair of skinny sunnies, and you’ll see what we mean. These shades cover the narrowest sliver of your face for a super sleek style that looks both futuristic and 90’s vintage. There are no strict rules when it comes to rocking skinny sunglasses. For a dash of balance, babes with rounder profiles can try out sunnies with more angular lenses, such as FINESSE. Those with square and heart-shaped faces, on the other hand, look great with the angular lenses on STRANGE LOVE.


Trust us when we say that heart eyes aren’t exclusively for emojis. Similar to classic cat eyes, heart-shaped sunglasses have a bold and whimsical look that’ll give you a rush of sweet nostalgia. From music festivals to beach days, you can wear this youthful trend almost anywhere — not only on Valentine’s Day. Our flirty favorites include KIM from Quay’s collection with Elle Ferguson and HEARTBREAKER. To rock this style, play into the romantic theme with feminine dresses and coy pink lip colors.


See the world in rose-tinted glasses. Or, you know, red, orange, blue, or violet ones. Black and brown glasses are timeless, but we can’t resist indulging ourselves with everything that the rainbow has to offer. Tinted glasses come in all sorts of styles, including AS IF’s sassy transparent frames. To work this trend, we love color blocking and busting out statement prints to pair with our colorful lenses. These sunnies also look fab with a swipe of color eyeliner.


The opposite of skinny sunglasses, sporty ones cover a quarter to a third of your face. You’ll see them on outdoors enthusiasts, but they’re also making a serious spark in the fashion world. Often coming with polarized lenses to reduce glare, sporty sunglasses flaunt futuristic shield and square frames, such as our fan fave, OTL II. As their name suggests, they look chic with sportswear, from glam varsity jackets to tracksuits.


Retro sunglasses can refer to many different styles, but most people think of beloved cat eye and circular frames. Vintage doesn’t have to mean dated, though. Sunnies can draw from the past while still looking modern and fresh. STRAY CAT, for example, softens the classic cat eye with an oversized, rounded shape for a sleek feline look. For John Lennon-inspired lenses, try BREEZE IN, a pair of round sunnies with raised gold detailing. While you can pair cat eyes with swing dresses and circle sunnies with bohemian chic blouses, current outfits can also contrast gorgeously with your retro shades.

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