How do you pronounce your name?

‘Think Key’ so think like a house key, car key but were just QUAY
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How to clean your sunglasses

Best to use a microfibre cloth to clean your sunglasses, you can pick these up from sunglass or optical stores around the world. No problems if you don't have one, use a tissue and some warm water. Best not to use any clothing though as some lenses can be damaged with rough materials.

Please note that lenses are not covered under warranty, as this is classified as "wear and tear"

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First time shopping on Quay, is it safe?

Definitely! We use PayPal and a secure credit card processing facility for all your orders, so all your payment information is kept safe and secure.
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Do you have a Brick & Mortar store?

No sorry, we are online only. However we have many stockists around the world! Contact through our contact page to find a stockist near you.
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